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Industry Information
Industry Information

This section covers

  • Labor & Wages - Information with in the DIR, PLA, IWC, Updates on Meal & Rest Periods, CalTrans Guidelines on Prevailing Wage

  • CARB Updates - (California Air Resources Board) All you need to know about it and its effects on our Industry

  • CCTA CARB Consultant - CCTA's consultants keeps our members up-to-date on all CARB related issues

  • Transportation Business Tips - Exclusive information from a formal California Highway Patrol (CHP) personal

  • CHP & CSAT information - CDTOA's counsel put together an extensive collection of informative documentation and opinions of the CSAT Agreements

  • Department of Motor Vehicle - Motor Carrier Property Permit (MCP)




If you need to view a MCP or find a company by their MCP, the banner above is a direct link to DMV